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Whether you are using an iOS or BlackBerry device, there is always an App for you!

  • Frisbee Smart Pro is designed to work with our Frisbee Pro Digital Transcription solution
  • Frisbee Smart Enterprise communicates directly with the Frisbee Enterprise Server
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Download the Frisbee Smart Pro version of your choice:

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  • You can click on each device to learn more on the App.
  • BlackBerry Users: there is also a trial version of Frisbee Smart Pro.
  • Try it here.

Check our webpages for more info on the Frisbee Smart Enterprise Apps.


iSpeech AG is a software company delivering productivity solutions for enterprise mobility. The iSpeech product portfolio helps users to connect to enterprise information and communication systems via easy-to-use mobile applications! The portfolio includes voice based application delivered through mobile devices (cars, cell phones & smart phones) as well as Frisbee, a state-of-the-art dictation and transcription workflow solution used in the legal, healthcare and administration markets. With Frisbee Enterprise the Company now also offers powerful solutions to ASP's.

iSpeech AG (spin-off ex Dictaphone), with its Frisbee software product range, is a global player in the digital dictation, transcription and workflow management solutions in the German, French, Italian, Dutch and English speaking market.

Our addressable markets are:

  • The Professional Dictation & Transcription market for the transcription workflow automation (manual, hybrid and fully automated solutions).
  • The Mobile Messaging Application market for the sale of mobile applications.
  • The Apps shop market with its downloadable Frisbee Smart application for iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian or Windows Mobile smart phones.
  • The Automotive market where there is a strong demand for professional in-built Email and SMS dictation technology into new cars.

The WAVE (Web and Voice) Engine provides an intelligent daily life information service accessible from all phones (fixed and mobile) as well as from the web. Furthermore, the product provides user friendly access and interaction with 3rd party services such as social networks, weather, sports and business as well as customized corporate information services. iSpeech represents the most comprehensive and easy to use information storage and retrieval service of the telecom industry. The uniqueness of iSpeech services is driven by the fact that iSpeech is accessible by the Web and also by Voice as iSpeech applications are built on Speech Technology.

The key features of the WAVE Engine are:

  • Edit the information, for updating or correcting it.
  • Tag the information, for easier retrieval. The users are completely free to create and use any tags they want.
  • Make a reminder from a note.
  • Delete obsolete information, including tags.

The main function of WAVE is to manage Information by voice. WAVE converts speech to text and vice versa. It connects to the operator's voice network through standard interfaces, classic TDM links or to a Media Gateway, using SIP or MeGaCo. Thanks to its innovative architecture, WAVE can massively scale, from 30 to well over 1 million lines. WAVE is the lowest cost per subscriber speech engine on the market.

About the company

iSpeech started as an internal project inside Swisscom Mobile back in 2007 tasked by the CEO of Swisscom to look into issues regarding management of information complexity. The project was then transferred to the Swisscom research department, Swisscom Innovations, where the team continued to refine the iSpeech concept. Finally iSpeech was spun off as a separate company, financed by Swisscom Ventures in January 2008. iSpeech recently merged with iSpeech, a company founded in 2008 mostly with assets out of the Dictaphone Corporation. The new iSpeech office is located in Baar/Switzerland. iSpeech AG is owned by beelk Holding.

iSpeech offers a full range of professional Services such as Consultancy, Project Management, Installation, Customization and Configuration. iSpeech also offers onsite training of authors and users. iSpeech has the capacity and the know how to deliver "ready to use" Systems.

iSpeech does offer to customers (in Switzerland) and through Partners (worldwide) full maintenance and support coverage depending on customers' needs (response time, levels of involvement). All iSpeech Enterprise Installations are backed by full service maintenance and support agreements with short response time.

iSpeech has an existing client base in excess of 15,000 users. iSpeech is represented in the USA, EMEA, Australia and South Africa.

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